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Many clinics face a common problem; their customer database is in physical format or their current database is already obsolete. Clinics call for more intelligent tools for better management and usage for cost saving. VOXz Software Solution Sdn Bhd's CMS offers the following features and modules:

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  • Patient Database Management
    • Barcode scanner/Smart card reader (optional) to scan Identity card to register as patient
    • Able to handle numerous doctors and queue up the patient automatically
    • Able to register through SMS
    • Patient Database fields are based on the most commonly used fields from a clinic perspective

  • Patient Record Management
    • Patient's sickness, medicine provided, symptoms and other updated record being stored
    • Writing tablet input for doctor.
    • Medicine will be managed by inventory solution and up-to date inventory balances
    • Paperless MC and medical document will be printed
    • All the medicine needed to provide to the patient will be sent to the register counter after verification from the doctor and the nurses will be able to deliver it to the patient
    • Common Sickness available to input to the record
    • Doctor's Physical Finding
    • Diseases and Diagnosis analysis

  • SMS Module
    • Able to send SMS to patient when he chooses to notify him as the queue is near to their number
    • Able to send SMS automatically to patient to ask for medical check up when required
    • Able to receive SMS from patient who intended to registered for certain time of appointment
    • The Queue management code and notification of the patient will be sent through SMS

  • Inventory Solution
    • All the stock in and out for medicines be automatically be recorded
    • Stock Reorder Alert based on doctorÔÇÖs setting
    • Stock Expiry Alert
    • Search for Medicine Balance

Download:  PDF | CMS User Manual (Video) | CMS Presentation Video