At VOXz Software Solution, we provide a wide range of ICT solutions and services as listed below:

  • Portal & Webpage Development
  • SMI & Factory Interfacing Application
  • Consultation of upgrading and integration of Legacy systems and database
  • SMS Solution (Short Code/GSM Modem Type).
  • Linux Application Project Management (PHP/GUI)
  • Windows Application Project Management (.NET/VB/JAVA/ASP etc)
  • WEB Application Project Management

Web Applications - Scheduling System, Lab Management

VOXz Lab Management System offers accurate network inventory tracking functionality covering both hardware and software, across Windows and Linux workstations. You can track and manage assets in Windows domains or individual sub-networks and auto-discover workstations.

Using an agentless architecture, it provides complete and in-depth hardware & software inventory reports.
Using scheduled audits you can track inventory changes over time.

It also provides Timetabling Module that has ample capacity, save time and effort and produce a far better result for staff, students and section schedulers. Save up to 80% of manual scheduling time. Increase room usage by 10-20%. Get up and running with your first schedule in a few hours. Teaching staff love it.


  • Complete hardware inventory covering computer, CPU, hard-disk, peripherals, ports and NIC
  • Lists all installed software packages
  • Windows and Linux support
  • Ad-hoc and scheduled inventory management audits
  • Audit Diff Report showing New and Missing software
  • Ability to attach assets to scanned workstations
  • Schedule and book classroom usage daily, weekly and monthly
  • Classroom usage Report
  • Staff Management System to sync with booking of classroom


  • Automatically track all hardware and software across Windows & Linux machines (complete network inventory management system)
  • Enhance HelpDesk productivity by presenting accurate inventory information
  • Identify unlicensed software installations
  • Know who is running prohibited software
  • Generate web reports that can be printed or emailed. Ability to manually add missing software
  • Save manual scheduling time Increase room usage by 20% etc