Whether you are running a small business or steering a colossal corporation, for each and every of your requirements and needs, we have a solution.

VOXz ERP system is developed as a business tool that enables integrations of transaction-orientated data and all information flowing through the company. ERP offers greater control of information and also encourages information sharing across departments.

Unlike most of the standard ERP packages available in the market. VOXz focuses on customer's business requirement. At VOXz, we understand well that every business has it uniqueness and different ways of business being handled. From the beginning stage of gathering information for need analysis until the final stage of system implementation, we will make sure our system adapt to your business. As a result, your company will be able to maximize the usage of what ERP is offerings.

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Advantages of ERP:

  • Better information management - by integrating all basic processes of a company, from shop floor to the finance.
    • Finance
    • Accounting
    • Human Resource
    • Customer Relation
    • Procurement
    • Production
    • Inventory Control
    • Asset Management
    • Planning Management
  • Eliminate redundancy - data is only entered once and will be shared across departments
  • Better and more efficient planning - base on the analysis/reports generated
  • Improve information quality
  • Reduce processing time
  • Reducing operating cost in the long run
  • Better customer relationship management
  • Better competitive advantage

With all the advantages offered by ERP, you can be assured of better, smoother, efficient business processing and transaction. This would provide a more efficient and effective enterprise and customer relationship management. With the competitive advantage you posses; competitor's customers may be attracted by the reliability and flexibility of your services provided. Furthermore, with the processing time being reduced, response time will be reduced as well, which definitely is an essential factor when comes to customer, considering all services available in the market. The best is, by introducing this new technology to your business, will not require you to change the way business being handled.

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