Whether you are running a small business or steering a colossal corporation, for each and every of your requirements and needs, we have a solution.

This Product is combination of ERP and ERM. It take in to consideration of planning needs and managment needs of a bussiness, enterprise and group of companies

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Comparison between ERP to BRMP:

Description ERP BRMS Other ERP Other Acc
  • Modules Comparison
1. Warehouse & Inventory Management System Module
2. Sales and Marketing Management System Module
3. Production Planning & Management System Module  
4. Finance and Accounting Management System Module
5. Human Resource Management System Module
6. Shipment and Transportation - Logistics Management Module      
7. Procurement / Purchasing Management System Module
8. SMS Module    
9. Cost Management Module      
10. Fixed Asset Management Module
11. CRM And POS Management Solution      
  • SMS/Email Control Management
1. User able to use SMS to retrieve stock balance    
2. User able to use SMS to check for production capacity    
3. User able to use SMS to remind customer automatically when the payment is due    
4. Others functionality available through SMS/Email    
  • Planning Aspect
1. Production Resource Planning
2. Material Resource Planning      
3. Capacity Resource Planning      
4. Human Resource Planning      
5. Transportation Resource Planning      
  • Management Aspect
1. Production Resource Management      
2. Material Resource Management      
3. Capacity Resource Management      
4. Human Resource Management      
5. Transportation Resource Management      
  • Financial Management Aspect
1. Cash Flow Management    
2. Production Cost Management/Analysis      
3. Financial Management Analysis      
  • Financial Planning Aspect
1. Cash Flow Budget    
2. Production Cost Budget      
3. Financial Budgetary Planning